Behind that friendly salesperson’s smile is a human whose professional needs are being met. Here are some of the ways we support our people, helping them bring clients’ products to life in the direct sales field.

Daily staff support, through generous base salary, a fun work environment and advanced training at our acclaimed Sales Academy.

Genuine and honest approach, with our people trained on every technicality of a clients brand to ensure they can respond to any potential customer query.

Calm yet professional sales style, with staff trained to project themselves as brand ambassadors and not pushy peddlers.

Ongoing encouragement by celebrating every win, with staff competitions, big incentives and frequent advancement opportunities.

Led by a management team with an average of 12.5 years’ experience each in sales, marketing and management, C3 Marketing has developed a fast response in several areas:

Having multiple clients and customers puts pressure on the best back-office systems. That’s why C3 Marketing has developed its own original customer relationship management (CRM) programme. Our CRM streamlines systems and clarifies the return on investment for businesses as well as customers.

Sales Academy

What are the five key steps to guiding a prospect through a sales pitch? How about the top 13 ways to close a sale? And the relationship between attitude and outcome?

Guided by C3’s management and a team of expert sales trainers, our new recruits learn these selling methods and more at our fast-growing five-day Sales Academy course.

Apart from training new sales staff, the C3 Sales Academy offers leadership and management training for our growing number of long-term sales staff. Contact us to learn more.


C3 Marketing is proudly supported by Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government organisation responsible for developing and growing Irish companies in world markets.

Our expansion into the United Kingdom has been supported by the UK Department of Trade and Investment (UKTI), which has provided valuable advice and assistance.