The importance of setting goals

Most great achievements usually start with great visions. We have all had the latter right? Where you visualise your face on billboards across the globe starring in the latest blockbuster movie; or finding the cure for an incurable disease; or coming home to your multimillion-dollar mansion each evening to your beautiful family; or being the top salesperson every year in your company; or even something as simple as paying off all of your debts and being in the black.


The only problem is, most of these visions never materialise into great achievements. The reason, most of the time is that people presume they are so far out of reach that they don’t bother to try. By setting goals, we are creating ourselves a roadmap to these successes and working out how they can be achieved.


We feel the importance of setting goals is neatly articulated on the website where they set out 6 reasons for doing so, including:


  • Goals transform insurmountable mountains into walkable hills
  • Goals help us believe in ourselves
  • Goals hold you accountable for failure
  • Goals tell you what you truly want


Check out the full article here:


At C3 Marketing we truly believe in the importance of goal setting and will talk you through how we do so in our next post.


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