Let’s Get Connected….

After several years working in direct sales and fundraising, we have seen our fair share of good and bad practice, good and bad companies, good and bad sales people, good and bad fundraisers and just about everything in between. We thought it might be useful to someone out there if we could, over the coming weeks, months and years, impart a few of the lessons and experiences gained along the way, whilst also taking a topical look at what is happening in the world and how those events can relate to our industry.

Whether you are reading this as an employee of ours; someone who is thinking of applying to join the team; a client who would like to find out more about C3 Marketing’s services or someone who just happened across this blog, we’re sure you’ll find something of interest.

At C3 we are primarily a business that focuses on Connecting our Clients with new Customers through Face-to-Face interactions. Our belief from day one has been that the future of sales is not just online. A belief that we have resolutely stuck to during the highs and lows of starting a business during a recession and in the midst of the information age where everything else seems to be moving in that direction.

Of course, we fully embrace the digital movement (hence this blog and the way our staff interact with one another) but also feel there will always be a place for those face-to-face connections that simply cannot be replicated through your smartphone or laptop.  Whether it be the warm and friendly smile; the instantaneous feedback; the body language that says a lot more than the words; or just that seemingly diminishing art of conversation and human interaction; we believe those things are here to stay and we champion these physical connections every day among our team and the customers that they meet.

Sir Richard Branson said in 2013 ‘Succeeding in business is all about making connections’. We could not agree more with this sentiment and have formed a business that is not only succeeding as a result of the connections we make, but is a business that has connections at it’s very heart.

So what do connections mean to us? Connections, in essence symbolise growth, progress and development. This can be on any number of stages, from the arena of big global business right down to our own individual circumstances and desire for advancement. It would be rare to find an entity that feels they have accomplished something to be proud of, without a strong background of connections that helped get them to that place.

To summarise, we believe that both physical and virtual connections are the driving force behind everything that we do in life and everything that we do at C3. Without them we would be a fairly uninformed, lonely and isolated bunch. So, we guess from here there’s only one thing for you to do – keep in touch by checking in on our blog posts and liking us on Facebook. Let’s get connected!

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