A new Team Leader in town

Joe Davis has been one of the most consistent Sales Reps we’ve ever had in the company. Since starting with C3 Marketing in February 2018, he has shown us incredible drive and determination, managing to hit his sales target for 10 consecutive weeks! He was named Employee of the Month in June and despite multiple recognitions and achievements, he always maintains a down-to-earth attitude and an incredible work ethic in everything he does. We know he will be successful in his new role as Team Leader of Barretstown’s residential team.

Proud to present our new Field Sales Manager

We are very happy to announce a promotion within our company.

Rory Brennan began working with C3 Marketing in October 2017 as a fundraiser. With his tenacity, drive, and positive attitude, he consistently hit target every week and showed the leadership skills we knew would take him far. He moved up the ranks to Team Leader in February 2018 and continued to show his ability to manage his own team and provide excellent coaching while maintaining his own sales. It was obvious he had the right skills and positivity to become a Field Sales Manager.

We know he’ll achieve great things in this new position.

C3 BBQ 2018

Nothing like a C3 BBQ to start the weekend!

We had a blast here at the office last night. If you weren’t gorging on our catered feast of burgers, chicken, sausages, and veggie kebabs, you were probably quenching your thirst with a beer or cider or a swig of bubbly.

Fundraisers walked away with tons of prizes, ranging from Starburst candies to a drone, depending on which number they drew. Rory ended up the big winner of the night with a flat screen TV!

Sun’s out, grill’s out

When Dublin is treated with a wonderful (and rare) heatwave, a BBQ party seems mandatory.

Marking the middle of summer and halfway through another year of hard work and excellent sales, our C3 Marketing team will be kicking back with a grand spread of food and cold drinks.

On July 6th at 8pm, music will be playing, pool balls sinking, and delicious food grilling while everyone soaks in some lovely sunshine.

Did we mention there will be prizes?

As targets are reached in the weeks coming up to the BBQ, qualifying sales reps will get one or more envelopes reserved to open at the party. Each envelope contains a mystery number that coincides with an array of prizes…including a flat screen TV!

Summer days + Student breaks = Great opportunities at C3 Marketing

Our doors are wide open and we’re all set for the busiest time of year!

Any students finishing up their Leaving Certs or college exams and looking for summer work are encouraged to apply. We have plenty of sales and fundraising positions open and we can’t wait to build on our team of outgoing, trustworthy, and positive individuals.

If you would like to work in a fun and positive environment, meet loads of new people, and make a huge difference, apply through our Careers page or check out one of our many job postings.


C3 Marketing is honoured to add another amazing client to our roster: Barretstown! This non-profit organisation offers free camps and programmes specially designed for children and their families living with a serious illness. Look out for our fundraisers who will be coming to your doors or who you’ll come across at one of our stands. Learn more about how to volunteer, donate, or what events are happening by visiting the Barretstown website.

Irish Cancer Society, renewed!

Once again, we are excited to announce that we will be officially partnering with Irish Cancer Society this year. Between organising and executing successful campaigns like Sunsmart and X-Hale, this charity continues to offer (free) services such as night nursing, a hotline connecting callers with qualified oncology nurses, and volunteer driver services to chemotherapy appointments, just to name a few. Our fundraisers are ready and waiting to give you all the information you need for your next donation or how to volunteer. You can also visit the Irish Cancer Society website for more information.

Continuing our journey with Temple Street and Dogs Trust

Following hugely successful years of fundraising across Dublin, we are happy to announce we are renewing our contract with Temple Street Foundation. As well, Dogs Trust will remain an important client of C3 Marketing, as it was for the last two years. We’ve had a brilliant time during our partnership with both organizations and couldn’t be happier to continue spreading the word about the unbelievable work they do and garner long-term support for their services and campaigns.

Focus Ireland

We couldn’t be happier to be teaming up with Focus Ireland, the country’s leading not-for-profit working to prevent homelessness and help those who have already lost their homes. As it’s an ongoing and rising crisis in Ireland, our fundraisers will be working hard to help spread awareness about the issue, provide more information about the amazing programs that exist because of Focus Ireland, and raise funds to keep these services running.

A warm welcome to our new Sales Manager

We have a new addition to the C3 Marketing family: Darren Clarke!

After working in direct sales during his time living in Sydney, Australia, Darren set up his own sales and marketing company in Dublin which he ran for four years. With his creative ideas and extensive experience in sales and working with national and international clients, we knew he would be a brilliant addition to the team in helping to grow and expand our company. As our newest Sales Manager, we are excited to have him on the team. Welcome to C3, Darren!