And they’re off

Another great night was had by the staff and some family members at the dogs. Big night for Gary ‘the bookie’ Byrne and not such a great night for some others whose dogs are still yet to finish as far as we are aware!



Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it’s our National Sales Manager flying through the woods. Plenty of fun was had by the team at this team building day out at Zippit in Rathfarnham. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to finish the course despite their best efforts and some had to be hoisted down to safety, but we won’t mention any names!

Our top 5 presentation tips

C3 is big on professional development, and recently Gary Byrne gave staff his top 5 tips on giving a good presentation. Here they are.
1. Have clear objectives
Decide what your objective for the presentation is, and tell the audience this in one sentence.
2. Keep it short
To quote Winston Churchill, “ To make a good speech, the beginning and the end should be close together.” ‘Nuff said.
3. Focus on the audience
Rethink every point in your presentation, and consider why it’s important for your audience (and not you) to hear.
4. Make it easy to follow
Have a logical structure and stick to it, such as steps in a sequence, beginning to end, or question and answer.
5. Tell stories
Audiences love stories, so collect anecdotes on how your product or service has helped someone else.

Promoting Pritesh Modi to Team Leader!

A Sales Representative at C3 Marketing since last August, Pritesh Modi has just been promoted to Team Leader thanks to his professional attitude and willingness to help his colleagues.

Pritesh hails from a retail background, and worked with ESSO Ireland with a focus on training staff and starting new businesses. Since joining us in 2013, Pritesh has gone on to hone his sales and leadership skills and has played an important role in growing the sales team.

In his new role, Pritesh will help C3 Marketing continue to grow in Ireland and the UK, and in turn to grow with the business. Pritesh’s determination is a huge asset to us, and we are confident he will continue to make the most of all the opportunities that lie ahead.

Fun fact: Pritesh is commonly known in the office as Presh. We think he’s rather precious, although maybe the nickname stems from the continuous mispronunciations of his name.